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Frequently asked questions

What is RedCargo?

RedCargo Logistics is the sole and exclusive Cargo Master General Sales Agent for the AirAsia group of airlines. Click here to read more about RedCargo.

How do I book cargo space with RedCargo?

Please contact our cargo agent based in your country of origin. You may find a list of our agents here.

What can I ship with RedCargo?

RedCargo accepts common goods as cargo like wet & perishable items, live tropical fishes, fruits, vegetables and even durians. We don’t accept shipments of liquid items, live animals and valuable goods for the moment. For further information, send us an enquiry here.

What is the acceptable dimension for cargo?

Below is the acceptable dimension for A320 and A330 aircraft:

AK, QZ, Z2 (A320) D7, XT (A330)
Dimension in CM per PC 140 x 70 x 70 318 x 244 x 163
Weight in KG per PC Up to 85 KG Up to 4380 KG nett for PMC/PAJ

Up to 1435 KG nett for AKE/ZKE

Maximum Gross Weight Max 4500 KG Wat for Pallet

Max 1500 KG for LD3

For oversized cargo, kindly email us for more details.

How to seek approval for wet shipment?

Wet shipment includes Live Tropical Fishes (LTF), shrimps / prawns , live crabs, Lobsters, Live Worms, Durians, Fresh flowers, Fresh fruits & Meat.

Please find the approval guideline below:

  • Send an email to maa_cargodm@airasia.com;
  • Make an appointment to perform the Drop test, Smell test, Packaging inspection (inner/outer);
  • Prepare complete documentations eg: Business card / Company Stamp / Forms and the real product packaging to be present during the test session supervised by our team;
  • Confirmation will be given upon the test result.
What type of cargo requires MSDS approval?

MSDS stands for Material Safety Data Sheet, a document that contains information on the potential health effects of exposure to chemicals, or other potentially dangerous substances, and on safe working procedures when handling chemical products.

Cargo that is suspected to be explosive, flammable, contains toxic, infectious, radioactive materials or corrosives needs MSDS approval.

How to seek for MSDS approval?

Any chemical in solid/liquid form must receive prior approval from the airline before being accepted. The procedures of approval are as follows:

  • GSA must provide genuine MSDS from the shipper/factory to us;
  • Our certified DG specialist and certified Cargo Executive will thoroughly check the MSDS by referring to the latest DGR book as guidance;
  • MSDS with inaccurate information, incomplete data or edited without record of proper revision will be rejected;
  • The process of MSDS approval may take up to 03 working days from the date that airline receive complete supporting document;
  • Cargo only accepted as per MSDS and it MUST shown same product or chemical name on MAWB;
  • MSDS Approval MUST be attached to MAWB. The package should be secured, sealed and have a design that prevents leakage of contents;
  • Once approval obtained from airline, Shipper must ensure copy of approval and MSDS must be attached with MAWB for submission to CTO.

Please take note it is very IMPORTANT to submit your inquiry with complete supporting documents. Failure to follow the above instructions may lead to delay for process of approval, rejection or cargo may be detained at transit point.

Please send your requests to our DG Specialist Mr Sattar: abdsattar@airasia.com and cc to maa_cargoops@airasia.com

Approval given is only for one off basis.

How to track my shipment?

You can track your shipments here.

Can I revise my booking details?

You can revise your booking details such as shipper, consignee, flight date, weight. The fee to revise such details depends on your booking status as outlined in the table below:

Action\Booking Status Waitlist Confirmed Executed Accepted
Free to revise Yes Yes No No
Request for re-open Yes* No
Request for CCA (fee applies) Yes

*CCA fee applies to re-open request for executed booking within 8 hours prior to flight STD. No fee applies for executed booking more than 8 hours prior to flight STD.

For booking re-opening request, kindly email us at help@redcargo.asia with your AWB number.

Why I can’t amend my booking details?

Booking amendment requests made within 8 hours before Standard Departure Time (STD) for executed booking will result in Cargo Corrective Charge (CCA).

What about cargo that has been accepted?

Cargo Corrective Charge applies for any amendments requested after the booking has been accepted. Kindly be advised to keep your booking details updated timely.

How can I reqeest for CCA?

Please email us a scanned copy of your AWB with updated details. Kindly refer to your contract for your respective CCA rates.

What if my booking is waitlisted?

Some bookings are waitlisted as the chosen flight has exceed its available capacity. We will advise accordingly if your booking can be confirmed or replan it to first next available flight. Congestion of cargo on a certain flight might lead to your cargo being offloaded. Drop us an email if you believe that your booking can be confirmed.

What if my shipment is delayed?

We strive to uplift all accepted shipments on the flight booked. However, there are circumstances beyond our control when we may have to offload your cargo. Here are a few common reasons:

  • Bad weather – loading activities are restricted
  • Cancelled flight
  • Priority given to backlogged shipments

If your shipment is offloaded, we will replan it to next first available flight.

I want to cancel my booking

Drop us an email before it is executed. Any cancellation upon execution will be charged and kindly be advised to reuse a cancelled AWB for future booking.

I’m a freight forwarder, and I’m interested to book space from you directly. Can I sign up as an agent?

We will be happy to learn more about you and your requirements. Please fill in the form here and our team will be in touch.

I’m an agent, but I forgot my login password

Click ‘Forgot Password’ on the login page after filling in your username. A reset link will be send to the registered email address of your account.

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