Notice for Drop Test & Smell Test (Perishable Shipments)

Dear Valued Business Partners,

If you are wondering what you should know for Perishable Shipment and how you should proceed, we are pleased to share our Drop Test & Smell Test procedure with you. 

Referring to the title above, please be reminded that Drop Test and Smell Test is required to be performed on selected perishable shipments before proceeding with bookings.

What is Drop Test?

A drop test is a method of testing the characteristics of packaging by raising the test package to a specific altitude and then releasing it.

In compliance with our standard operating procedure, it is mandatory for agents to perform Drop Test on selected perishable shipments before agents may proceed with bookings. Drop Test is compulsory in order to access the fragility of the packaged items which may encounter during manual or mechanical cargo handling which may cause damage or leakage to the perishable item and the packaging.

Commodities Involved for Drop Test

Drop test is required to be carried out on packages that contain perishable items or wet shipments including but not subject to Live Tropical Fishes (LTF), shrimps/prawns, live crabs, lobsters and live worms.

Drop Test Procedures

Please provide the shipment information (including origin, destination, type of commodity and average expected weight per shipment) and email Helpdesk via to obtain an appointment to perform the drop test.

If you are based in Malaysia, Helpdesk will revert with the appointment details to perform the drop test.

If you are based out of Malaysia, Helpdesk will revert with flight details for you to send the packaging via company mail to KUL – coordinating with station’s operations to allow the shipment of the said package and KUL’s operation team to intercept the packaging upon arrival.

Please present the team with the real perishable shipment packaging and complete documentation (link for download available below) for the drop test which will be conducted by airline personnel. 

The drop test will be measured by the post-impact to the packaging through inspection that covers various aspects of perishable shipment packaging coordinated by airline personnel.

If the packaging passed drop test, you may proceed with the booking in SmartKargo. Please attach the approved drop test approval form in e-pouch in SmartKargo.

If the packaging failed drop test, please arrange for the next appointment with Helpdesk for a repeated test.

The validity of an approved drop test period is up to a maximum of six (06) months from the date of approval. You may follow similar instructions for drop test renewal purposes. 

What is Smell Test?

In accordance with our standard operating procedure, Smell Test is compulsory to be performed on perishable shipments that release a pungent odour. This is to prevent unwanted odour to be smelled while on air.

Commodities Involved for Smell Test

Smell test is required to be carried out on shipments that consist of pungent smelling items including but not subject to durian, jackfruit or any other pungent-smelling items. The smell of the mentioned items above commonly misjudged because of the similar smell to GAS which may complicate pilot while on duty. 

Smell Test Procedures

For Malaysia-based agents only – For smell test, please refer to the same procedure as Drop Test. The only difference is that the packaging would contain the actual perishable item as a sample during the smell test for airlines personnel to examine. 

The sample will be kept for 3 days for airline personnel to validate if there is any leakage (smell) from the packaging before airline personnel issue approval for the smell test. Smell test will be rejected if there’ still smell coming out from the packaging after 3 days.

Download Drop Test and Smell Test evaluation form here.

For further queries regarding the drop test or smell test, do not hesitate to contact us anytime.

We thank you for your support, as always.

Yours Sincerely,
Teleport Team
(formerly known as RedCargo Logistics Sdn Bhd)