Teleport: Rebranding & Restructuring

Dear Valued Business Partners,

If you are wondering what is Teleport all about, we are pleased to announce that we have conducted a rebranding and internal restructuring exercise with the company (“Rebranding and Restructuring”). We would like to share further with you on the details of this whole exercise.

Rebranding and Restructuring

With effect from 30 April 2019, the name of our company has been changed from RedCargo Logistics Sdn Bhd to Teleport Commerce Malaysia Sdn Bhd (“Teleport MY”). We are required to disclose the former name alongside the new name until 30 April 2020, in the following format:

Teleport Commerce Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
(formerly known as RedCargo Logistics Sdn. Bhd.)

Teleport MY, initially wholly owned by Redbeat Ventures Sdn Bhd, will be transferred to Teleport Everywhere Pte. Ltd. (“Teleport SG”), both of which are wholly owned subsidiaries of AirAsia Group Berhad (“AAGB”). As such, Teleport SG that now owns Teleport MY will still remain as a wholly owned subsidiary of AAGB.

Reason for the Rebranding and Restructuring

The reason for Rebranding is to capture the spirit of our new strategy, direction and core values in line with our mission to provide instant and seamless movement across distances, through technology, and with the airport as the distribution centre of the future.

The Restructuring, on the other hand is for our company to have greater efficiency in the way the different subsidiaries and associated companies communicate and deliver our services.

Effect of the Rebranding and Restructuring

Teleport SG will assume the role of Teleport MY to be the sole and exclusive Cargo Master General Sales Agent for the AirAsia group of airlines. However, there has been no change in the core management team and we assure you that this exercise will not affect nor delay any transactions that you are or will be having with us.

We will be providing the same products and services on which we have built our reputation in the industry.

In view of the Rebranding and Restructuring, we will be novating some of the existing contracts entered into by Teleport MY to Teleport SG. We mentioned “some of the existing contracts” because not all contracts will require novation. We will be in touch accordingly to inform you the contracts that should be novated accordingly.

Moreover, all representation of us in your market via print materials such as name cards, logo, signage or execution of contracts for and on behalf of our company (only if you are authorised and empowered to do so) will have to follow the following specifications:

1.         AirAsia or Teleport’s logo must not exceed 10% of the namecard’s surface;

2.         If you are using AirAsia or Teleport’s logo, the logo of your company must be bigger than AirAsia or Teleport’s logo and covers at least 10% of the card’s surface;

3.         AirAsia or Teleport’s logo can only be placed either at the bottom part or top part of the namecard;

4.         If you are planning to use AirAsia or Teleport’s logo, the logo must be accompanied by the term “Sales Agent for <AirAsia or Teleport’s logo>” / “Freight Forwarder for <AirAsia or Teleport’s Logo>”. The term must be easily readable;

5.         You are required to provide details of your own company (Name of your company, address, telephone number & email address);

6.         You are strictly forbid to include the term “AirAsia” in creation of your email address or mailing address;

7.         You will not, whether impliedly or expressly in any way cause other people to think that you are part of AAGB; and

8.         All such representation will need to get prior written approval via email from Corporate Services team at the following email address teleportlegal@airasia.com.

We thank you for your support, as always.

Yours Sincerely,

Teleport Commerce Malaysia Sdn Bhd

(formerly known as RedCargo Logistics Sdn Bhd)