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Dear Valued Business Partners,

Referring to the title above, please be reminded that all import cargo including transit cargo would require the Import License or Transit Permit for Tobacco/ Cigarettes, Liquor or Spirits from Malaysia Royal Custom prior to the acceptance of cargo at the point of origin.

However, in the event if your cargo has been confiscated due to the absence in the said license or permit, you can retrieve the cargo as follows:-

  1. Please contact the Custom-in-charge officer as per stated in the Compound Letter that you will receive with the details of AWB and date of confiscation station.
  2. Please appoint a local custom agent to be engage with Customs.
  3. The local agent shall be authorized entity to deal with Custom and to complete all required documentation required for submission to obtain the permit.
  4. Once approval granted from Customs, the agent will be able to clear the cargo and proceed with transportation of cargo to destination.

We thank you for your support, as always.

Yours Sincerely,

Teleport Team

(formerly known as RedCargo Logistics Sdn Bhd)