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CLARIFICATION – Overview of Claims Process


To All :

We have received numerous requests from multiple channels to clarify our claims submissions process.


RedCargo Logistics today owns and manages the entire cargo capacity of the AirAsia and AirAsia X Group of airlines across Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines.

We may, from time-to-time, appoint other General Sales Agents (GSAs), or Cargo Sales Agents (CSAs) to sell cargo transportation services / cargo capacity on our behalf for specific territories / jurisdictions or lanes / routes as we may deem fit.


As we have been focused on driving efficient digital processes, please be aware all claims in relation to the carriage of air freight on AirAsia and AirAsia X Group of airlines are submitted online by authorized representatives via Each submitted claim will receive a unique claim ID.

As a simple rule of thumb, forwarding agents or shippers should submit any intent to claim to the party they have purchased such cargo transportation services / cargo capacity from. If you have purchased services directly from RedCargo Logistics, you will be able to make claims related to the specific air waybill(s) (AWB) for the affected shipment(s) through the login credentials granted for bookings.

If you have purchased services from an appointed GSA or CSA, as our representative, they will serve as your point of contact for submission of any intent to claim. Our Sales Agent agreements with them govern procedures with respect to managing such claims, and thresholds beyond which they should escalate claims to us for processing. They are briefed and trained on how to do so and such escalation is done online via their login credentials with us.


Please take note of the timely notice provision under the Montreal Convention. If you do not complain about the condition of the cargo when it is delivered to you, it will be presumed that it was delivered in good condition. You must try to get a written notification of receipt and reference case ID so that there is no dispute later about the forwarding of the claim to carrier (us).

Our policy for the timely notice period generally mirrors the Montreal Convention except for cases of Missing Cargo. Filing for the each category of claim should be demonstrably lodged with complete supporting documentation to whichever party you purchased the capacity from, as follows:

Damaged Goods : within 14 calendar days from the actual flight arrival date
Miscellaneous : within 14 calendar days from actual flight arrival date
Missing Cargo : within 30 calendar days from actual flight arrival date


We endeavor to process (approve, partially approve, or reject) all filings within two to four weeks, subject to receipt of complete documentation, and subject also to the specifics of each investigation that requires timely cooperation from other stakeholders, including origin, transit and destination Cargo Terminal Operators (CTO). RedCargo or its appointed representatives reserve the right to reject frivolous claims that were submitted with little or insufficient supporting documents.


In the interest of transparency and good governance, we have attached a process flow of our the claims process between RedCargo Logistics, our appointed representatives (“Agents”) and the online system we use (referred to as “SmartKargo, or SK”) here. Please always be sure to check the exact status of your claims with the party you have purchased capacity from, and to verify you have received a reference claim ID number.

There have been instances where we, as the carrier, may have approved and paid out claims, but onward payment/settlement due from Agent to you, as the final forwarding agent or shipper may not have been settled on a timely basis. If you feel that has happened, please kindly escalate such cases to us directly.

Please feel free to send further queries or clarifications you may have to our customer support team who will be happy to assist at or leave a question for us through the form at the bottom right of the following link:

The RedCargo Team