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Clarification: Acceptance of Dry Cell / Batteries


To all our CTO Handlers:

AirAsia airlines can accept dry cell / batteries cargo subject to appropriate product and packaging compliance.

Such dry cell / batteries can either be:
i. Re-chargeable : Nickel based (NiCD or NiMH)
ii. Non-chargeable : Commonly known as Alkaline and Zinc/Silver Oxide (button form)

See attached examples: 201901 Non-DG Dry Cell batteries or equipment packed with or contain Dry Cell batteries_examples

They are not to be confused with Lithium (Li) batteries which are prohibited for cargo carriage by the AirAsia airlines.

Dry cell / batteries are considered non-dangerous / non-hazardous as per IATA Dangerous Goods (DG) Regulations, when in compliance with Special Provision (SP) A123 or SP A199 (for Nickel Metal Hydride NiMH batteries).

IATA DGR SP A123 standards specifies the following:

Any electrical battery or battery powered device, equipment or vehicle having the potential of a dangerous evolution of heat must be prepared for transport so as to prevent:
(a) a short-circuit (e.g. in the case of batteries, by the effective insulation of exposed terminals; or, in the case of equipment, by disconnection of the battery and protection of exposed terminals); and

(b) accidental activation.

Shippers or freight forwarders wishing to transport gadgets or devices powered by dry batteries declared as per IATA DGR SPA 123 must provide to the CTO at transit point:

  1. MSDS or PSDS (Material or Product Safety Data Sheet) of the batteries type used (to confirm it is NOT lithium but Dry Cells/Batteries);
  2. Photo of product;
  3. Invoice and packing list;
  4. Copy of pre-approval email from the AirAsia DG specialist (granted within 1 business day of request).

The words “Not Restricted as per IATA DGR SP A123” MUST also be declared / included in the description of the substance on the Air Waybill (AWB) document.

It is important all supporting documents are provided for approval by the AirAsia DG specialist prior to acceptance failing which cargo may be detained or outright rejected at the transit point.


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The RedCargo Team