Charges and Fees


Dear Valued Business Partners,

It has been more than a month since we rolled out the new SmartKargo reservation system and we hope your experience with our new system has been pleasant so far.

While we continue to improve the system and our processes based on the feedback we received from you, we want to clarify on some of the topics we have been asked often.


#1 – AWB Fee

AWB fee applies for every AWB booked, this happens when you click on “Save Booking” for the first time and it will not waived for any booking that is not executed, accepted or flown. Please manage your stock wisely.

#2 – CCA Fee

If you request to make revisions to a booking that has been executed, the following applies based on the time such request is made:

Time of Request Charges
At least 8 hours before scheduled time of departure (STD) CCA Fee Waived
Less than 8 hours from STD CCA Fee Applies
After acceptance by CTO CCA Fee Applies, scanned physical AWB required for changes to be made

CCA fee charged will be based on what has been agreed in your respective contracts effective 15th September 2018.

#3 – AMS Fee for Customs Declaration

China, India, Indonesia and Korea require carriers to transmit import cargo data to local customs to facilitate customs clearance. We have fully integrated with these systems for message transmission and WILL NOT be charging the messaging fee unless it requires a manual amendment from our end due to incomplete mandatory information.

Fee Type Cost
Manual Amendment Fee for AWB with incomplete mandatory information CCA fee applies

Value Added Services

Trucking Service

We are pleased to announce that we have reduced the trucking fee to MYR0.70/kg (excluding tax) for PENKUL and KULPEN. We no longer have an agreement for other sectors. However, if you need trucking service for any other routes within Malaysia or between Malaysia and Singapore, please let us know so that we can get you an attractive rate.


Booking vs. Acceptance Weight

Please amend your bookings before acceptance to reflect the most accurate weight/details for booking. This helps us with planning and moving your cargo more efficiently. We understand that there were some system – confirmed booking became waitlisted after weight change. This has been addressed and change of booked weight will result in the following:

  • If booking has been confirmed, and new weight is lower – AWB will stay confirmed
  • If booking has been confirmed, and new weight is higher – AWB will be confirmed if there’s available space or it will be waitlisted so that we can find space for you. Don’t try going to CTO for acceptance – it will be waitlisted upon acceptance and may result in storage fees being incurred if we are unable to accommodate the shipment

Please let us know if you experience otherwise.

We thank you for your support, as always. Happy booking!

The RedCargo team