Important Announcement: AirAsia Policy on Non-Carriage of Dangerous Goods Cargo

Dear Business Partners,

There have been an increasing trend on submission of cargo containing Lithium Ion batteries and usage of recycled Dangerous Goods (DG) packaging by shippers/forwarding agents. We have been communicating with each of you on case to case basis. However, we have yet to see any serious efforts to mitigate these incidents.

This memorandum shall serve as a final reminder that AirAsia is strictly a non-DG carrier. As AirAsia’s business partners,  you are equally  responsible to ensure all shipments booked with AirAsia are in full compliance with AirAsia policies. Failing which, we will not hesitate to take stern actions against the offender(s) including an embargo for an indefinite period.

Your full cooperation on this matter is highly appreciated.

The RedCargo Team